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    [世纪经英论坛]Inequality and Moral Behavior
    演讲题目:Inequality and Moral Behavior
    主讲人:Stefan Trautmann,德国海德堡大学
    时间:3月29日 下午1:30-3:00
    讲座摘要:The effect of inequality on social interactions has been in the focus of recent academic and popular discourses. Does inequality harm the social fabric, and if so, what social groups are driving possibly negative effects through their unethical behavior?  We report on panel survey experiments with the general population as well as laboratory experiments with convenience samples of students to answer these questions. We find clear evidence that inequality has negative effects on social trust and trustworthiness, especially when it is perceived as unjust. The effect depends on attributions of responsibility of the better-off for the outcomes of the worse-off. We find no evidence for the better-off to behave less social and less ethical than the worse-off, as has sometimes be reported in the literature. If anything, the better-off are more generous and trusting of others. 

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